Yasmina started rescuing dogs in 1984, taking dogs handed in from the public and those surrendered to the dog pounds in the UK and Ireland.

In 2006 the rescue name Lea Valley Dog Rescue was born!

In 2007 we (Yasmina, alongside a very small handful of fosterers) began to work alongside some Romanian rescuers after becoming aware of the inhumane treatment of the dogs on the streets and so-called public shelters.

With this in mind, we started to save some of the Romanian dogs as well as still taking in and helping the dogs in the UK.

All our dogs are placed in foster homes where they can be fully assessed so that we can find them the perfect home. We also offer them rescue backup for life.

Lea Valley Dog Rescue firmly believes that love has no borders, a dog in need, no matter where it is, is a dog in need.


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